Research and IndustryOur primary core is the generation of opportunities

The Centro de Investigaciones para la Industria (Ceindust) is a Peruvian non-governmental organization focused on creating and supporting initiatives that strengthen key Peruvian topics such as the environment, water, food, health, energy and society.

Through such initiatives we seek to work out problems of the Peruvian socio-economic and productive sectors that, as a consequence, promote solutions that will impact positively on the daily lives of people and the Peruvian society (for instance, people-environment relationship, improvements in quality of life).

Entrepreneurs are welcome to join our actions because closing gaps in Peru is a challenging task. In Ceindust you will find a committed actor to meet such challenges.


Our Partners:

We Can Be Heroes
g3eo Peru
Pro Delphinus



To be a platform for the generation of knowledge and solutions through multidisciplinary projects.



To become a resourceful, creative, proactive and leading organization to strengthen the people and society of Peru.

Core Values


Integrity, accountability, commitment, diligence, perseverance and discipline.